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Tube Trailer

Tube Trailer Tube Trailers consist of 10 to 36 cluster high-pressure cylinders varying in length from 20 feet for small tubes to 38 feet on the jumbo tube trailers. Each tube may contain gaseous product at as much as 2,640psig. Tubes may be operated as a unit or one at time. Typical products stored in tube trailers are hydrogen, helium and high purity oxygen. All tube trailers are built to comply with the regulations of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) with regard to hazardous material safety, federal motor carrier safety and national highway traffic safety.

The tube trailer is L shaped discharging stanchion, fabricated from an aluminum I-beam, supports the flexible pigtail, valves, and piping necessary to discharge product from the tube trailers into the high-pressure storage vessels. This filling apparatus is separated from the control cabinet for safety and convenience. The system is modular in design and is sized according to customer's use.

Types of Tube Trailer
Modular Tube Trailer
The modular tube trailers are designed to DOT and international standards for bulk transport of several gases as containerized cargo by road, ship line or rail around the world. The tube module consists of eight tubes enclosed in an steel frame. The frame is also based upon international standards. A 20-foot frame is used for the three metric ton modules and a 40-foot frame is used for the six metric ton modules. The frame is mounted to a trailer chassis for overland transport. For ocean or rail shipment, the frame is lifted off the chassis and placed onto the ship line as containerized cargo.

Intermediate Tube Trailer
The intermediate tube trailers are assembled in banks of 5 tubes, available in lenghts of 19' and 38'. They can provide mobile or stationary storage. These tubes are an excellent alternative to conventional tubes. Their pressure and size can result in gas payloads.

Superjumbo Tube Trailer
These are trailers with a cluster of tubes. These operate with pressures in excess of 3,200 psi, thus insuring the largest road payload in the industry and optimal pressure transfer. Features of superjumbo tube trailer:
  • These are equipped with aluminum diamond plate decks to prevent slipping and reduce weight.

  • Allow simple maintenance of the wheel plate.

  • Optimal aluminum components add cosmetic appeal to the trailer and can keep brakes cooler due to improved heat dissipation.

  • Manifold purge valve is vented through the cabinet ceiling and provides the operator with a safe meand to purge the manifold before fills.

  • The toggle switch at the front, nosebox of the trailer allows drivers to readily turn on the rear floodlights for lighting when backing up the trailer.

  • Equipped with an anti locking system.

  • A unique tube loading arrangement that allows easy access to all surfaces of all tubes in a bundle.
Tube Trailer Storage
  • To utilize tube trailers effectively, a properly equipped location must be provided.

  • The tube trailer should be placed on a paved, level surface.

  • The area should be covered to avoid exposure of the tube trailer to direct sunlight and potential overpressurization.

  • The structure may be open on the sides to allow ventilation.
  • A roof with a minimum clearance of 14 feet can provide adequate sunlight protection.

  • The tube trailer pad should be located as near as possible to the process area to minimize the length of feed piping as well as to facilitate visual monitoring.

  • The area should be dry and free of explosives, corrosives or flammable materials.

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