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Suction Filter

Suction Filter Suction filter is a pump intake-line filter in which the fluid is below atmospheric pressure.

In 1990, a specification was prepared for an ASME code-stamped horizontal filter to be used to remove solids, such as dust, dirt, and pipe scale, from the suction stream of the flow compressor. At that moment of time Pery submitted a bid for the suction filter and became the supplier of this filter.

A suction filter prevents dust and other particles from building up in the loop or reaching the flow compressor. As a result, the flow into and out of the loop is generally very clean with minimal contamination.

They fulfil important functions in the fluid circuit, for whatever the tank design and type of plant type, the suctioned oil is constantly contaminated by abraded matter. Without suction filtration, these particles are churned up, aggravating wear and tear on the pump and downstream valves and increasing the number of fine particles due to disintegration.

For best results in terms of flow quality the suction filter is installed horizontally below the oil surface. If it is also possible to mount the pump below the suction filter, then an oil column pressure of h x ?ÖI is exerted on the pump, which does not therefore need to generate a vacuum. This also guarantees a longer lifetime for the filter.

Suctions filters are important for guaranteeing trouble-free operation in many types of machines, such as portable concrete pumps, field stackers, etc. For safety reasons, the suction filter must not be equipped with a bypass valve, otherwise a constant bypass flow will be generated during operation and optimal maintenance will be unable to be guaranteed due to the impossibility of detecting the degree of element contamination. It should have an inlet valve.

Tips for Maintaining Suction Filter
  • A large filter area is very important for cold start.

  • Keep the suction length as short as possible.

  • Do not allow vacuum to fall below -0.25 bar rel.

  • Keep the cross section as large as possible and avoid bends and sharp edges.

  • In badly designed suction filters, air bubbles may collect and get caught up in the flow as one big bubble.

  • Ensure a good tank design which allows settling and full utilisation of the oil/air separation cavity.
Applications of Suction Filter
Suction filters are versatile in their uses. They are widely used in several industries:
  • Large scale construction machinery

  • Airport machinery fleet

  • Truck mounted crane

  • Hydraulic units

  • Mobile cranes

  • Concrete pumps

  • Wheel loaders

  • Automobile crane application

  • Cooling apparatus

  • Machine tools

  • Enviroment engineering

  • Suction dredgers

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