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Storage & Containers

Gas storage facility is a vital factor in offsetting seasonal fluctuations in demand and safeguarding gas supplies at all times. Gases, like most other commodities, can be stored for an indefinite period of time. Gas storage plays a vital role in maintaining the reliability of supply needed to meet the demands of consumers.

To meet the future demand of gases, they are produced qand stored for future. These gases are explosive and are stores carefully and properly with extra attention and effort to avoid any knid of injury. Gases can be stored in pressure vessels, cylinders, trailer, vaporizer and tanks. These are stored away from flammable materials and electrical outlets. The gases should not be subjected to any sort of physical damage or corrosion.

Basic Principles of Gas Storage
  • Transportable gas containers should be stored in well defined areas and should be segregated according to the hazard presented by the contents.

  • Contents of cylinders should be easily identifiable.

  • Persons involved should receive training regarding handling of cylinder, potential risks and hazards from cylinder and contents.

  • Account should be taken of external dangers such as adjacent work operations under different managerial control or the possibility of mechanical damage due to traffic knocks.

  • Cylinders in store should be inspected regularly for deterioration and gas leakage.

  • Gas cylinder stores should not be used to store other materials.

  • Empty cylinder should be stored and returned to the supplier with the valve closed and the cap or plug fitted.

  • Emergency procedures should be established.

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