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Gas Plants Safety Norms (MSDS)

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are an important resource for safety awareness and education. These data sheets widely providing information about the composition, characteristics and potential hazards of gas and liquid products, tips on safe handling and basic first aid procedures.

MSDS include data useful to emergency response and other medical personnel about symptoms that can be caused by each substance and information about ways to avoid adverse effects and deal with health problems.

Natural Fire Protection Association Hazard Ratings

Each MSDS includes NFPA hazard rating information in a diamond shape. The hazards are rated from 0 to 4. 0 grade indicates an no hazard or an unusual hazard and 4 grade indicates severe hazards. These hazards are with respect to health, flammability, reactivity and fire related notices. These hazards are distinctively colored blue, red, yellow and white respectively to clearly differentiate the hazards and take necessary safety measures.

Interpretation of NFPA Hazard Rating Indices
Health (Blue)
4 Danger May be fatal on short exposure. Specialized protective equipment required
3 Warning Corrosive or toxic. Avoid skin contact or inhalation - can cause serious injury
2 Warning May be harmful if inhaled or absorbed
1 Caution May be irritating
0 -- -- -- -- No unusual hazard under fire conditions
Flammability (Red)
4 Danger Readily flammable gas or easily vaporized and extremely flammable liquid
3 Warning Liquid or solid that will ignite under most ambient conditions.
2 Caution Liquid or solid that is combustible if moderately preheated or exposed to high temperature
1 -- -- -- -- Combustible if heated significantly
0 -- -- -- -- Not combustible
Instability or Reactivity (Yellow)
4 Danger Will readily detonate at normal ambient temperature and pressure conditions
3 Danger May be explosive if shocked, heated under confinement or mixed with water
2 Warning Unstable (may violently decompose but not detonate) or may react violently if mixed with water
1 Caution May react if heated or mixed with water but not violently
0 Stable Not reactive when mixed with water
Special Fire-related Notices (White)
W Water Reactive - Substance poses a potential hazard if water is used for fire fighting
OX Oxidizing Agent - Substance may increase the rate of combustion of other materials

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