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PSA Oxygen Gas Generators

Oxygen Plant Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) oxygen gas generators are widely used in a number of industries to generate oxygen gas. Oxygen is generated in these plants by taking air from an air compressor, which is later on separated by means of Molecular Sieve. The molecules of nitrogen, moisture & other unwanted gases are adsorbed on surface of molecular sieve and oxygen gas,which is not adsorbed, comes out of adsorption tower and is collected in a surge vessel. More adsorption towers are provided in certain gas generation systems for continuous generation of oxygen gas.

Around 85 to 94% pure oxygen is generated in these plants which can be used in different industries. Twin adsorption towers are sometimes provided to ensure continuous generation of oxygen. Oxygen gas produced by the this method is very economical as compared to cylinder / liquid plants .

Application of PSA Oxygen Generation Plant :

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Glass Industry
  • Lamps Industry
  • T.V. Picture Tube Manufacturing Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Water Treatment plants
  • Chemicals & Petrochemical

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