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Propane Generator

Propane Generator Propane generator comes with an added advantage as compared to gensets fueled by any other propellant, as one can store propane for years because it does not gum up, go bad, time unlike gas or diesel or pollute the air like gasoline does. These generators provide temporary power to all predesignated equipment, such as a furnace, sump pump or even lights. However, the time length for which the generator can run depends on its size, the amount of propane in the tank and the number of appliances being fueled.

Propane generators of have been gaining popularity since their introduction to the industry some time ago, as they provide more and more people with reliable energy in locations that gas mains and power grids can not imagine to reach. They are popular as clean units, dependable and very reliable. These generators automatically turns on when the normal flow of electricity is interrupted. Another added advantage of a Propane generator is that the fuel is clean burning and keeps for long in a large tank than other fuels

Some of the high tech models even boast of a 92 percent overall energy efficiency and can run comfortably 24 hours a day in a home. It is estimated that approximately 45 gallons of propane can keep an eight-kilowatt propane genset run at full load for 24 hours. Apart from being used for residential purposes, these generators have also found a wide application in industries and farms to run machines, power irrigation systems, control weeds and dry crops.

The Process
The working of a normal Propane generator involves a unit of bottled propane which is connected to a device that burns the gas, slowly and evenly, by an appropriate tubing and coupling. It is also possible to time and regulate most propane generators to efficiently produce CO2 gas when needed.

Normally, a quality Propane generator consists of an indoor-mount automatic transfer switch, an outdoor weather protective sound blended in enclosure with the engine, battery trickle charger, controls and components necessary for a complete emergency system.

Propane Generators ensure quick, dependable starting and long engine life with less maintenance and an assurance of reduction in pollution.

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