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Oxygen Reactor

Oxygen Reactor Oxygen is a necessary and life sustaining element that all lifeforms need it in large amounts and all the time. A pioneers commercial oxygen reactor flashed into life in 1952

An Oxygen reactor is a reactor used to inject oxygen under pressure into water. This is done at a pressure of 0.5 – 4 bars. It is a large open tank at a wastewater treatment plant into which air is bubbled to provide oxygen.

The reactor is closed and so no oxygen is lost. The reactor is made of either acrylic material or stainless steel, filled with a medium that disperses water efficiently. It was the first reactor to appear.

The important components of oxygen reactors are:
  • Junctions
  • Gauge glass
  • Pressure gauge
  • Safety valve PVC pipe for input and output runs
  • Airline tubing

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