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Oxygen Plant Oxygen is co-produced with nitrogen, argon and other rare gases collectively produced in higher volumes than oxygen. It is recognized as the most important gas and is primarily used in steel manufacturing plants, chemical processing and in water treatment. When purified, oxygen is also used for medical applications. Although oxygen is present in enormous quantities in our breathable air, there exists need of accessing them separately in their gaseous or liquid form.

Oxygen Gas Plants can be best described as highly economical, oxygen generating systems that ranges from small portable units to large tonnage plants. These oxygen plant units commonly operate according to PSA/VPSA/VSA (Pressure swing adsorption/Vacuum pressure swing adsorption/Vacuum swing adsorption) technology. The specifics of the application determine which technology will be most cost effective.

The new generation Oxygen Plants allows to produce and refine oxygen on-site at a very low cost. Moreover, they allow to fluctuate the level of purity and pressure in accordance with the requirements of the application in a very secure and reliable environment.

Oxygen Gas Plant Process
The process of producing oxygen from Oxygen Gas Plant involves taking air from an air compressor, separating oxygen from nitrogen and other gases by means of special Zeolite Molecular Sieves. The system gives a continuous supply of oxygen by automatic switching towers on a timed cycle. It can be adjusted for a oxygen purity up to 94%, although the most economical for practical purposes is 85%.

In the process of regeneration, the adsorbed nitrogen is subsequently discharged as waste. The resulting product gas is around 85 to 94% pure oxygen available at around 2.5 kg/cm²g pressure. The gas is very dry containing little or no moisture.

Liquid Oxygen

It is a known fact that through a series of ventures the different gases in air begin to separate at different temperature. With density of 1140 kg/m³, oxygen in its liquid form is produced, by an oxygen gas plant, when natural air freezes and temperature goes down to -297 degrees Fahrenheit.

The various industries where Oxygen Gas Plants, find space are Mini-Steel Plants, Sewage Treatment, Pulp & Paper, Welding, Ozone Generation, Brazing, Battery Manufacture, Furnace Enrichment, Copper Smelting, Melting, Glass Industry, Fish Farming, , Chemical Oxidation etc.

Although oxygen represents only one-fifth of the gases that are produced, but it is the most valuable. The demand for oxygen has a major influence on the location of most gas plants. Hence, majority of Oxygen Plants are located near areas of principal application, steel works, manufacturing plants and major population centers. The two co-products of oxygen, that is, nitrogen and the rare gases if not vented, are shipped as required.

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