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Oxygen Generator

Oxygen generator The Oxygen level in the ambient air is approximately 21%; Oxygen Generators are used to produce oxygen from this air. Primarily the technology involved in an Oxygen Generator is the PSA (Pressure Swing Absorption) technology, which involves a system that is self contained for the production of high concentration oxygen; it employs a unique material called Molecular Sieve which separates oxygen from ambient air.

Oxygen generators are used to provide a continuous supply of oxygen for various applications including :-
  • Oxygen Therapy

  • Aquarium/Agriculture Use

  • Ozone Generation

  • Commercial/Domestic Oxygen Bar

  • Water Filter System

  • Laboratory Usage
Various features of a High Quality Oxygen Generators are :-
  • They provide a reliable source of Oxygen Production.

  • They come with a sturdy and environmentally tolerant design.

  • They are compact & lightweight to ensure maximum design flexibility.

  • They maintain constant delivery pressure.

  • In a quality Oxygen Generator almost no maintenance is required.

  • It has low capital and operating cost.

  • Quiet operation, and

  • Extended compressor life.
The Process
An Oxygen Generator Unit comprises of an air compressor which delivers air at moderate pressure. The air is free from oil and dust contamination and has low humidity. The temperature of the air is below 40° C. The oxygen generation process starts when the pressurized clean air enters one of the PSA columns. This column consists of a synthetic zeolite that acts as a molecular sieve. As a result of which the sieve separates the oxygen from the nitrogen.

The discharge oxygen pressure for the low pressure units is approximately 0.5 bar. If the system is required to drive ceramic oxygen diffusers, a delivery pressure of 3 bar is required.

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