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Oxygen Compressors

Oxygen Compressors Oxygen Compressors have been developed specifically for the exacting requirements of safe, reliable oxygen compression service. The oxygen is boosted to tank pressure and fed to manifold. Oxygen is then placed into high pressure cyinders. From the oxygen storage tank regulated oxygen is fed into the high pressure oxygen compressor. The oxygen compressor that is needed is determined by the capacity of the oxygen generators based on the number of high pressure oxygen cylinders to filled each day.

They provide a line of medium pressure compressor and high pressure compressor.

Medium Pressure Oxygen Compressor
These custom built oxygen compressors are available to compress oxygen from 5 to 160 psig at delivery rates of 40 Nm3/Hr at rated pressure. These have low cost of investment and maintenance.

High Pressure Oxygen Compressor
These compressors can be used to fill oxygen cylinders up to 2200 psig. By use of a liquid piston design the oxygen can be compressed safely and at a lower temperatures than with dry piston compressors. Low maintenance, coupled with its simplicity and competitive cost against other compressor brands, makes it ideal for those places where specialized parts are often a hidden cost in the operation of high pressure compressors.

These compressors are also well suited for the compression of other clean, dry gases to 150 to 200 bar.
  • The two-stage compressor have a capacity of 151 barg and a flow rate of 3,2 m3/h.

  • The three-stage compressor have a capacity of 172 barg and a flow rate of 16 m3/h.

  • The four-stage compressor have a capacity of 207 barg and a flow rate of 27 m3/h.
Oxygen Compressor performs the following function:
  • Flammable, oxidizing, toxic, and radioactive gases.

  • Oxygen gas cylinder filling.

  • Pressure boosting for gas recycling systems.

  • Gas blending and mixing systems.

  • Gas transfer, filling and off-loading of tube trailers.

  • Pressure boosting and storage of gases from on-site gas generation systems.

  • Chemical and petrochemical gas processing systems.

  • Ultra-high purity electronics grade gases for semiconductor and fiber optics manufacturing processes.

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