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Nitrogen Plant

Nitrogen Plant Nitrogen Gas Plants produce Nitrogen gas from compressed air by employing Molecular Sieve separation technique to produce Nitrogen gas from atmospheric air. The technology involves 'carbon molecular sieves', as they possess the capability of preferentially removing oxygen, from the air.

New-generation Nitrogen Gas Plants can be best described as, microprocessor based fully Automatic units. The main advantages of these plants are, that one can access full contol over the supply of nitrogen gas, there is very low cost of production as compared to commercially available Nitrogen Cylinders, the life of the carbon molecular sieves, is longer, even than the plant life and these plants are virtually maintainence free.

Nitrogen Gas Plant Process
The Nitrogen Gas Plants consist of 2-Beds filled with Carbon Molecular Sieves. The process involves passing of compresses air from one bed which further generates, Nitrogen, which is the product gas. The next step consists of regeneration of the other bed concurrently by depressurisation (reduction of pressure of air or gas within) to normal atmospheric pressure. This process is called PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption).

Purity of Nitrogen Obtained
The purity of Nitrogen generated from Nitrogen Gas Plants ranges from 99% to 99.99%. Generally, a conventional and simple PSA unit/plant is capable of producing raw Nitrogen with 99% purity. If high level of purity is required, there exists an option of adding purification modules this basic unit.

Liquid Nitrogen Gas Plant
Liquid Nitrogen Gas Plants offer much more than conventional liquid nitrogen systems. These Plants are completely modular in design, consisting of an air compressor, gas generator, liquefier and storage. It is comparatively small, and needs no gas reserves as it simply uses air. It can be fitted to almost any existing liquid gas system or incorporated in new developments.

Since these gas plants generate liquid nitrogen continuously, their storage tanks are much smaller than normal bulk tanks and they can be easily located inside the building, closer to the effect and even spread over various locations.

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