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Methane Plant

Methane Plant Methane is a natural compound, which is formed whenever plant and animal matter decays. It is recognized as the main ingredient of natural gas, a nonrenewable fossil fuel formed from the remains of tiny sea animals and plants that died 200-400 million years ago. Methane, by itself is an odorless, colorless, and tasteless. Methane is considered a renewable source of natural gas since it comes from decaying garbage.

Methane Gas is an efficient source of energy and widely used for electicity as it exploits a source that would otherwise pollute the atmosphere and transforms it into useful energy. The raw feedstock (raw material) used to produce Methane is the organic watse. The production process of Methane Gas consists of decomposition of this organic waste. This is done in the absence of oxygen and after processing transforms into Methane and Carbon dioxide.

Methane Gas Plant
The basic design of a methane gas plant consists of a digester, inlet and outlet pipes positioned above the digester floor and in from the walls. Each pipe is centered in its chamber and the concrete is tightly packed around them to prevent any kind of leakage. Then there exists an feedstock chamber, with a provision of some means of descending into this space, this space should be sealed to prevent humidity or moisture.

Bisecting the digester is a wall, at the top of which an iron support structure with a guide pipe for the gas collector exists. This structure is set in the digester walls. The pipes are in exact center of the digester thus allowing the gas (methane) collector to descend when empty and rise to ground level when full.

A gas collector is a roofed cylinder braced internally with angle irons fitted at different heights. The top of the gas collector is also fitted with tap and valve, and to this is connected a flexible pipe leading to the gas appliances and there is a large discharge pit.

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