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Liquid Oxygen Pumps

Liquid Oxygen Pumps Liquid oxygen pump is a single stage, single acting piston pump, used for filling oxygen into cylinders upto pressure of 165 kgs./cm2.

The pump is used in the air separation unit and works by pumping liquid oxygen and gasifying the same in heat exchangers. These gas are finally filled in the cylinders.

Components of Liquid Oxygen Pump
Liquid oxygen pump consists of the following components:
  • Piston rings

  • Safety device

  • Non return valves with stainless steel head for long life

  • Stainless steel liner with liquid in let and evaporated gas outlet port

  • Starter with pulley

  • V belts

  • Belt guard

  • Inter connecting pipes

  • Liquid oxygen from the condenser enters the outer jacket.

  • Some liquid evaporates and vapor is passed out through the upper port.

  • Rest of the liquid passes into the pump cylinder.

  • This liquid is compressed out by piston in pressure stroke.

  • This liquid passes through non return valves into heat exchangers.

  • Pure bone dry oxygen gas at ambient temperature and high pressure is filled into oxygen cylinder.

  • The gas is filled into the cylinders through manifold valves by means of highly efficient reciprocating liquid oxygen pump.

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