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Liquid Nitrogen Pump

Liquid Nitrogen pump Liquid nitrogen pump is a horizontal reciprocating pump used to pump cryogenic liquid nitrogen upto 165 kgm/cm2 pressure normally and 250 kgm/cm2 pressure in special cases.

The pump is designed for assembly in air separation unit that works by pumping liquid nitrogen and producing the gaseous state by passing it through the heat exchangers for filling in cylinders. The liquid produced in constamtly pumped off.

A liquid nitrogen pump pumps the low-pressure liquid nitrogen from the storage tank and discharges it as a high-pressure (5000 psi) liquid to the vaporizer where it is converted to a gas at 5000 psi.

The main components of the liquid nitrogen pump are:
  • Piston
  • Oil free piston rings
  • Safety device
  • Non return valves
  • Motor with pulley
  • V belts
  • Belt guard
  • Inter connecting pipes with ducting to cold box suitable for filling nitrogen
This pump is equipped with nonstage transform speed parts, lie style, one cylinder, low-temperature reciprocating pump. The output adjusting is fulfill by non-stage transform speed part change rotatinal speed of the pump. This pump is featured by its small size, easy operate and reliable, stable work.

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