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Gas Reactor

Gas Reactor is a device used to force a controlled reaction with a given substance. The most common reactor is an ozone reactor, which forces water through a pressurized column of an air-ozone mixture. The reaction defines the way that the reactants will be converted to products and determines the bonds or atoms that are removed, the bonds or atoms that are created and those that are transformed.

Reactors are also called bioreactors and fermenters. They are the heart of the fermentation process. They are designed to meet the specific needs of the cells and they continuously supply nutrients to produce a particular product.

A reactor can control the pH of the sample and also the temperature of its content. Gas Reactors processes reactants to products according to the reaction equation. It follows that in order that the reactants could be transformed into products, they should contain the functional groups as substructures specified by the reactant side of the reaction equation.

There are a number of reactors that are used in air separation plants for injecting a particular gas or a mixture of gases under pressuer and controlled reactions. Apart from ozone reactors, oxygen reactor, hydrogen reactor, carbon dioxide reactor, and nitrogen reactors are also used.

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