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'Gas Processing is as old as the concept of chemistry itself, as a science through which separation of air and the identification of oxygen as an atmospheric constituent became possible'

Way back in eighth century, the Chinese identified the existence of an 'active' component in the air, which lead to further identification of gases like, carbon-die-oxide and nitrogen as major elements of the atmosphere. These two discoveries are considered as a quantum leap event and supports the above statement.

A quick glance into the history tells us that the first use of combustible gas was in China in early 9th century, when the Chinese people used natural gas, piped in bamboo tubes for lightning and the first production of Coal gas was in mid-16th Century in England. After these inventions it did not take long for gas companies to emerge, organise and manufacture gas for some serious business purpose.

Processing Gas
Gas, is used by the consumers in numerous ways, however the gas which is brought from underground up to the wellhead, in its natural form, is very different from what we use. The processing procedure of gas is in many respects less complicated than the processing and refining of other natural resources, like, crude oil, but it is equally as necessary before being used by the end users.

Air Separation Plants
Air separation plants can be best defined as those systems which manufactures nitrogen, oxygen and argon by employing air and electrical power as raw materials. Although, there can be various kinds of differences, vis-a-vis, the process details, the required product mix reflecting desired product mix and several other factors, but, all the separation plants belonging to the this category can be divided into the following processes:
  • Cryogenic Gas Plants Cryogenic processes produces gas and liquid products by utilising low temperature refinement in order to disunite air components and achieve the required product. The process stands as the most cost effective separation process, widely preferred for producing high purity products at high production rates.

  • Non Cryogenic Gas Plants Non Cryogenic Process manufactures gaseous products with near-ambient temperature separation processes that apply differences in properties of the gases to separate them, like, difference in molecular structure, size and mass to generate oxygen or nitrogen, etc.
In the present day scenario the main focus of the market is to provide independent operators of air separation systems and other industrial gas plants with engineering, design and operations support. In some cases this means actual project work, and in others it just refers to providing design, engineering and supervision.

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