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Highly versatile portable gas containers are widely used for storing high quality industrial gases.

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Gas  Containers Gas containers are the most economic and safe means of storing gases for future needs. Containers should be covered with protective valve caps. They should be stored and secured well. When being transported they should be taken good care to prevent the cylinder from falling off the vehicle.

Gas containers shall be handled in a safe manner to prevent damage and a suitable risk assessment undertaken where manual handling is involved. If containers are lifted by forklift truck then precautions shall be taken to prevent the containers falling. If lifted by other means then suitable slings, cradles, or other devices shall be used and containers must not be lifted by valves or caps.

When not in use containers shall be stored in a safe place in the open air or, if this is not reasonably practicable, in an adequately ventilated building. Special consideration shall be given to the storage of pressurised containers of flammable, oxidising or toxic gases.

There are various gas storage containers used to store gases. Some of the most commonly means of storing gases are air cylinders, tube trailer, liquid trailer, cryogenic tanks, vaporizer, and onsite plant.

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