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Gas Chiller Gas chillers are used to cool dry gases (such as nitrogen, argon, or air) from ambient to cryogenic temperature without precooling. In the present times, they are widely recognized as the most cost-effective systems available to cool a gas stream in such low temperature range, i.e, -75 to -125°C (-103 to -193°F). They are suitable for those contending with high electric air-conditioning costs. Gas Chillers solves the problem, as they are used in combination with electric air conditioning, substantially lowering energy bills.

Best described as closed-loop refrigeration systems that cools a gas stream using a refrigerant to gas tube-in-tube heat exchanger, these Gas Chillers are easy to install and maintain. However, they are exposed to the risk and inconvenience of liquid nitrogen.

The various applications of Gas Chiller consists of :
  • Cold Gas Venting of Vacuum Chambers.

  • Low Temperature Characterization of Materials.

  • Thermal Testing of Electronics, rheology, etc.

Benefits provided by a Gas Chillers are:
  • Ensures Cool air at lower costs.

  • It operates more efficiently at partial loads.

  • Eliminates or reduces environmentally harmful CFCs.

  • Engine heat is also recoverable for use in other applications.

  • It improves indoor air quality by reducing molds and mildew.
  • Reliable operation without premium electricity costs during peak usage periods.

  • Improves comfort levels by maintaining desired humidity without lowering temperature.

  • Chiller can often use the same cooling tower as electric system.
The Process
A Gas Chiller expands a refrigerant to generate cool air using a gas-fueled engine rather than an electric motor as the prime source of power. They have variable speed operation that renders load following capability. These systems also uses a honeycomb matrix wheel to remove moisture from indoor air before cooling it, thereby reducing demand on the cooling system

Gas Chiller are becoming an increasingly attractive alternative, largely because electricity does not use energy very efficiently (due to transmission and combustion fuel losses), high demand charges, and the high incremental cost of electricity to operate chillers. The use of gas engine-driven chillers eliminates the high incremental cost of electricity. Also, better engineering designs and much-improved components with long-lasting, innovative materials and manufacturing techniques are significantly improving their efficiency and maintenance, making the Gas Chillers highly popular and widely used.

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