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Diy Ozone Reactor

Diy Ozone Reactor Ozone gas is a molecule which consists of three oxygen molecules. It is naturally occurring in the earth's atmosphere.

An ozone reactor is a reactor used to inject a mixture of air and ozone under pressure into water. The reactor is made of acrylic material and is filled with a medium that disperses water efficiently. The force of ozone into water results in dissolved organic material being quickly oxidised. This is because ozone has a very high oxidation power. This finally leads to redox potential of water. Redox potential is defined as a measure of the relative tendency of groundwater to accept or transfer electrons.

The reactor is pressurized for higher gaseous absorption and contains an internal self- leveling device. It is compatible with ozonizers that produce up to 100 milligrams of ozone per hour.

There is a range of ozone reactors available using various designs to transfer ozone to the water. Designs include fine bubble diffusers, turbine contactors, injectors, deep u-tube reactors, packed columns, static mixers and spray contact chambers. Some designs are also used for oxygen transfer or aeration.

Important considerations when choosing an ozone reactor include:
  • Ozone transfer efficiency.

  • Leak-free design and construction.

  • Construction with ozone resistant materials.

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