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Compressed Air Dryer

Compressed Air Dryer Compressed air dryers are patented device to remove water and other contaminants from compressed air. These dryers use processes like refrigeration, desiccant adsorption and membrane filteration to remove contaminants, particularly water from air. The air can be dried in single or multiple stages to prevent tool corrosion and other problems associated with water.

Plant compressed air is introduced at the bottom of the dryer and expanded to atmospheric pressure, which immediately drops its dewpoint by 40° to 50° F. Dew point depends on the temperature and humidity of the air coming into the compressor. The air is then heated to raise its drying capacity further before it passes up through the resin hopper. This type of dryer has no desiccant, no moving parts, no regeneration heater, no valves, no cooling coils. It requires minimal maintenance-just change air filters every six months.

Compressed Air Dryer mainly consists of :
Pressure Gauge - These monitor pressure
  • Integral Filters - These undergoes mechanical trapping of moisture, oil, smoke, etc.

  • Automatic Condensate Drain - It senses the level of removed moisture and automatically drains it off.
Characteristics of Compresses Air Dryer
  • Pre-cooler uses helical fin copper pipe to reduce heat load.

  • Direct-vaporized heat exchanger immediately responds to change of load.

  • During separation of liquid, the highly efficient moisture separator will separate the oil and dirt from the compressed air.

  • Excellent filtration effect: technical index is 3µ5ppm.

  • Auto drain has 3 levels which are each safe and reliable.

  • Multiple control methods: instrument, computer, PLC control, etc.

  • Compressor system-controlled with safety protection.

  • Temperature controller gives stable dew point.

  • Various alarm signals and protection devices.

  • Two water cooling methods: air or water-cooled.
Important specifications to consider when searching for compressed air dryers include:
  • Drying Capacity - It is defined as the maximum value of air through the air.

  • Maximum Pressure - It refers to the maximum related inlet pressure of the dryer.

  • Minimum Output Dewpoint - It is defined as a measure of dryness.

  • Motor Power - It is a refrence value to determine the approximate size of the dryer

  • Operating Temperature - It is defined as the full required range of ambient operating temperature.

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