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CO2 Reactor

CO2 Reactor CO2 Reactor is a very simple, efficient and economical reactor used to inject carbon dioxide under pressure into water. The general principal is to get the CO2 to have as long a contact as possible with the water to give it time to dissolve.

CO2 Reactor mainly consisits of:

  • CO2 production vessel

  • CO2 hose

  • Non return valve

  • Bubble chamber

  • Unique pump

Working of the CO2 Reactor
  • CO2 enters the reactor through a hole drilled into the tube.

  • The CO2 is then forced downards by the pump.

  • The foam stops any bubbles from entering the water but water can pass through.

  • This forces the bubbles to be churned around in a little 'chamber'.

  • This added agitation and time in contact with the water, more efficiently diffuses the CO2.
Tips for using a CO2 Reactor
  • In order to maximize the benefit of injecting CO2 it is important to reduce any surface turbulence as this will quickly allow dissolved CO2 to escape into the air.

  • For efficient functioning turn of any aerators.

  • Lower any spray bars below the water line.

  • Direct the current to run around the sides of the reactors.

  • An increased CO2 concentration will not displace dissolved oxygen from the water.

  • Do not unplug the co2 system at night.

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