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Air Dryer

Air Dryer Water vapor is contained in high-pressure air. In vapor form, the water does little damage in most components. But if the water is allowed to condense in the system, it can rust pipes, freeze up actuators, and damage a process, tool, or instrument. To remove the particles of water vapor air dryers are used.

Air dryer is a patented device which separates and removes moisture from ambient air. It cools, filters and dries the air delivered by the compressor. Moisture has the potential to contaminate or freeze valves. Air dryers remove moisture, as well as dirt, oil and other contaminates before the compressed air enters the reservoirs

Air dryers should be used when the compressor is operated in freezing or high humidity conditions. In both these cases it is necessary to remove as much moisture as possible from the air supplied to the pumps.

An air dryer not only must dry compressed air to the required dew point, but also must be able to handle the required air flow without causing excessive pressure drop.

Flow capacity of a dryer depends on:
  • Operating pressure
  • Inlet air temperature
  • Ambient air or cooling water temperature, and
  • Required dew point
Applications of Air Dryers
  • Air Circuit Breakers
  • High Pressure Generator Starting
  • High Pressure Air for Aircraft Engine Starting
  • Scuba diving and Breathing air applications
  • High Pressure Gas Filling
  • High Pressure H2 for Turbine Cooling
  • Pressure Testing
  • Pressure Process Gas Applications

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