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Adsorption Air Dryer

Adsorption Air Dryer Adsorption is a physical phenomenon. Gaseous molecules are attracted to solid surfaces by Van der Waals forces. It includes polar-polar attraction, ion-ion attraction, polar-ion attraction, gravitational attraction, and other intermolecular forces. These have strong adhesive forces due to which gaseous molecules adsorb onto solid surfaces even at very low concentrations in a carrier gas.

The adsorption dryer absorbs the moisture in the compressed air up to a pressure dew point of -40°F. Finally, in the after-filter, remaining particles from the drying agent are retained.

Adsorption dryers mainly consist of:
  • Dryer inlet

  • Pre-filter

  • Condensate drain

  • Lower shuttle valve

  • Drying agent cartridge

  • Upper shuttle valve

  • After-filter

  • Dryer outlet

  • Processor control
Adsorption Air Dryer Process
The drying of compressed air is a multi-step process :-
  • A compressor pressurizes ambient air containing moisture to an elevated pressure, and temperature.

  • The air is then cooled below the elevated vapor pressure of the water.

  • A large amount of condensation is produced.

  • The drying process begins with a mechanical separator.

  • Then a coalescing filter is used to remove the bulk liquid and water mist from the compressed air stream.

  • A regenerable adsorption unit is used to reduce the water vapor content to a very low level.

  • A final filter removes the adsorbent fines entrained in the purified compressed air
Applications of Adsorption Air Dryer :-
  • In laser cutting systems

  • In bottling plants

  • In dental laboratories

  • In packaging machines

  • In rail vehicles

  • In optical measuring systems

  • In sprinkler system

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